“What use to cost $20,000 in software development is now free to evaluate; what use to take weeks of custom programming now takes minutes.”

Touted as one of the industry’s most flexible wireless field force systems ever designed, the AirMobility.Net Wireless Middleware can fundamentally change the way in which your organization conducts business.

Using the AirMobility.Net Wireless Middleware™ platform, a comprehensive end-to-end wireless data submission, collection, and routing solution can be created within minutes for your business.

In plain English – We help your organization remove the need for paper forms, put these forms on commercial wireless devices and help you manage the data collected in an intelligent way.

This can include:
  • Customized wireless field forms (time cards, expense reports, delivery forms, inspection sheets, sales rep tracking, retail inventory, order forms, maintenance requests, service forms, etc.)
  • An Internet data collection center capable of collecting, exporting and routing the information collected to virtually any platform desired (.XML, MS Excel, Email, .CSV, etc.)
  • GPS and bar code reading support as desired

Westlake can help you reduce your paper-intense environment. For a free consultation, email or fax one of your forms to (Don’t forget a cover page with your contact information on it). We can show you a live working automated form with your data within just minutes (larger forms may take longer):

Fax: (818) 743 7691

The following detail will provide you a simple overview on how AirMobility.Net works and the features and functions that have saved helped organizations like Shell Oil and Nextel increase productivity, decrease costs and sell more products.

Field Form Conversion
In its most simplistic sense, the AirMobility.Net Wireless Middleware helps organizations of any size convert paper field forms into wireless data. Wireless forms are created easily using the online wizard. Users follow the simple, step-by-step process to define each data entry point (Location:, Select all that apply:, Customer Name:, etc.) by selecting from a wide variety of open-ended options (Y/N, pre-defined list of values, Numeric field only, etc.). Within minutes a fully functional wireless field form can be created in real time.

Examples include:

  • Wireless time cards
  • Expense reports
  • Inspection sheets
  • Sales lead tracking
  • Corporate account tracking
  • Competitive price tracking
  • Delivery forms
  • Security incident reports
  • Asset and people tracking (with GPS and bar code scanning)

GPS support can range from simple location, date and time stamping to full statistical analysis including:

  • Direction
  • Speed from point to point
  • Historical tracking
  • Snap shot (current location)

Wireless Data Collection
Upon form completion, the AirMobility.Net Wireless Middleware automatically creates a fully interactive data collection center. The newly created form can be sent to other handsets, over the air.

Data Formatting
Once the data is collected, a variety of file formats are supported for instantaneous compatibility with general computer formats as well as support for third-party software programs. For example, data collected can be exported as a .CSV file for MS Excel Support, displayed and accessed in a .XML format, and modified to support other field force and payroll software systems. Full support for multiple ASCII delimited formats are available (comma delimited, tab delimited, etc).

Data Routing and Migration
Collected data can be routed and migrated a variety of ways. The individual who creates a form can assign collected data to be routed to an email address in real-time, schedule data collected by a form to be sent as a .CSV file to a denoted email address once a day (or other configurable interval), access the data via an FTP site, and more.

Back-Office Integration/Database
For organizations seeking a fully automated solution, Westlake can build an interface that integrates data collected in the field directly into existing commercial or proprietary back-office systems. This includes sales force automation software, payroll software, Oracle, Sequel Server, MS Access and other database systems and platforms. See: Database Support

Monitoring – Thresholds – Conditions
Either within an organization’s computer network or set up as a private and secure Extranet, real time data can be configured to generate a wide variety of alerts based on conditions and thresholds. For example, an organization may require a rep to visit a customer or location every 7 days. Westlake has assisted customers to

1. Notify the rep via email one day prior to being out of compliance
2. Notify management if the rep is out of compliance
3. Notify management if the rep submitted the store or visit record more than 1/10 of a mile away from the location. GPS can also be used to monitor driver speed, a historical record of where each rep has been and for how long, etc.

Archiving - Analysis – Assessment – Performance
For our customers, having the ability to analyze and assess historical, and more important real-time data. This type of real time marketing data can create sustainable competitive advantages over the competition in any market segment.

Virtually any wireless supply chain management scenario is possible.

One of Westlake’s business objectives it to help our customers make better business decisions with their distributed field force organizations. By helping you accomplish your goals we achieve our goal in becoming a true cornerstone of your success.

See how Westlake differentiates itself and helps its customers achieve the most optimal workflow scenario possible. Contact Westlake Software, Inc. for any of the following support:

  • Wireless sales force automation
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  • Wireless time cards
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  • BlackBerry software
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Welcome to the Next Level of Wireless Communication Management

Westlake can help you reduce your paper-intense environment. For a free consultation, email or fax one of your forms to (Don’t forget a cover page with your contact information on it). We can show you a live working automated form with your data within just minutes (larger forms may take longer):

Fax: (818) 743 7691

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