Building and Construction

Westlake’s AirMobility.Net Wireless Middleware has special design considerations for the construction and building work force and field force organizations (Commercial Contractors, Building Trades, Heavy Construction, Architects, Engineers). Our technology has been highly optimized to handle large numbers of timecard records, inventory tracking, bar code reading, inspection forms, and other paper field forms wirelessly. This can include Global Positioning Services (GPS), migration of data collected into back-office systems, and more.

We offer together and separately:

  • Global Position Services
  • Time card, inspection sheet, delivery forms, etc. placed on wireless devices
  • Dispatching of information to wireless devices
  • Migration of timecard information directly into existing payroll/billing software
  • Field credit card reading and wireless payment options

Westlake can assist your organization with:

  • Wireless time cards
  • Wireless submission of concrete testing and testing
  • Wireless in construction
  • Wireless in contracting
  • Wireless contracting solutions
  • Wireless construction software
  • Wireless construction technology
  • Wireless field forms
  • Wireless timecards
  • Wireless field automation
  • BlackBerry in construction
  • Wireless in Home Building

Westlake provides evaluations of their highly customized, end-to-end wireless solution at no cost or obligation. This evaluation can also include the use of wireless devices and airtime. Contact for more information.

See Case Study: CM Concrete Automates 450+ Timecards with AirMobility.Net

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