Courier and Delivery

How to be smaller faster and more effective than UPS, Fed Ex and your local direct competition

Combining basic GPS services, point to point delivery, wireless record keeping, bar coding and job assignment dispatch with one of the most knowledgeable wireless field force automation technology firms, you can become the most effective courier or delivery service in your market.

We help you create a sustainable competitive advantages over your competition.

For example, Valley Courier Services is required to pick up and deliver materials for several large banking firms in the greater Southern California marketplace (see entire case study: Banking on Wireless). Westlake integrated a complete private extranet that enables Valley Couriers to:

  • Add and remove employees
  • Auto-populate job assignments to every driver on every shift
  • Collect, track and analyze data collected from the field
  • Monitor delivery schedules on static routes
  • Auto-generate driver compliance reports
  • Private and separate login functions for major accounts so they can track the progress of information being picked up and delivered throughout the day
  • Report management system that send a detailed delivery report to the customer on a daily basis in an MS Excel format.

Regardless if you are a courier or delivery service with static routes or providing highly segmented services, Westlake can help. Our experience with GPS tracking, GPS services, field force automation, field form automation and job assignment and dispatching is considered world-class. Our management team has sold more technology around dispatching than any other organization worldwide; we can help. Contact Westlake regarding:

  • BlackBerry applications
  • BlackBerry software for the 7520
  • BlackBerry GPS
  • BlackBerry bar coding
  • Motorola software
  • Motorola integration
  • Motorola applications
  • Mobile J2ME GPS development and software
  • GPS triangulation and mapping
  • Wireless supply chain management
  • Wireless customer relationship management
  • Wireless field force automation
  • Wireless sales force automation
  • Paging software
  • Dispatch software
  • Work order dispatch software
  • Scheduling and dispatch software
  • Economic dispatch software
  • Computer aided dispatch (CAD)
  • Service dispatch software
  • Trucking dispatch software
  • Delivery dispatch software
  • Courier dispatch software

If you would like a free assessment on how Westlake can help your organization be more productive or are tired of paying high costs for courier management software and services, contact Westlake today at

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