CIPS Marketing (Tribune) has become the largest audited independent door-to-door delivery service in the United States. Distribution now exceeds more than 500,000,000 deliveries annually. All deliveries are tracked using advanced GPS services and the operation runs 24 x 7 x 365.

“We have made a significant investment into Westlake and its AIRmobility® platform to help us expand our business,” stated Pete Friedrich, Vice President of Operations for CIPS Marketing Group. “Westlake has put us many years in front of our competitors and has made it significantly easier for us to sell our services in every market we enter. We are favorably impressed with their technology and their ability to continually meet our needs,” added Friedrich.

Solution supports:

  • Thousands of routes managed weekly
  • Millions of GPS coordinates managed monthly
  • Complex geo-fencing and data plot mapping
  • Back office integration into proprietary systems
  • Do Not Deliver management
  • Bar coding and photo capture on multiple routes
  • Time card management
  • Automated mileage calculations
  • Speed and stop time assessment
  • Automated job assignment
  • Access for their customers to login and view real-time route information directly
  • Quality assurance rep mapping overlays
  • Near real-time mapping and statistical analysis

You can watch a short video overview of CIPS Marketing Group, as well as read a formal case study of the technology implemented, by clicking on Case Studies.

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Comprehensive Telematics

GPS tracking, Geo-fencing, reverse geo address look-up, speed, start and stop times, multiple route overlays, and much more. Westlake's GPS technology is used by its customers for safety, route improvement, proof-of-performance, automated geo-fence time card and mileage tracking, and reimbursement needs. Click on the link below to learn more.

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