From the time in which a student leaves home for school to the time they return from their scholastic day, a wide variety of wireless applications can be applied to help improve communication along the way. As students are picked up by a school bus, the driver can easily scan a bar code held by each student for better tracking. The same device by the driver can be used to calculate the exact location of the bus in real-time and even calculate the driver’s speed. Once a student arrives on campus, security can scan the child as arrived on campus for a "wireless role call."

Campuses of every size have a wide variety of ongoing maintenance issues. These can range from scheduled daily/weekly work to ongoing specific incidences. In both cases, Westlake can assist in creating wireless maintenance/incident forms directly from the paperwork that is used today.

The same can apply to security. For example, if there is a requirement for security personnel to be at specific locations on campus at specific times (i.e. rounds at night when the campus is closed), Westlake can create a GPS solution or a bar code option where security personnel scan bar codes throughout the night so their rounds can be tracked with date and time stamps.

Communication efficiencies for maintenance could also be improved with the ability to monitor and track incident progress and completion in real-time.

We can assist your organization with:

  • Wireless Campus
  • School Bus GPS
  • Wireless Maintenance
  • Wireless Security
  • Wireless Integration
  • Wireless Field Force Automation
  • Wireless Tracking
  • GPS Tracking
  • Bus dispatch software
  • Paging software
  • Work order dispatch software
  • BlackBerry 7520 software
  • BlackBerry applications
  • Software applications for the BlackBerry

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