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Given the recent events of 9-11, the need for effective communication has never been higher. This need is especially great with first responders at every level of public assistance.

Westlake recently published Mission Critical Magazine’s feature article, which analyzes 440 first responder organizations and how they use wireless technology to communicate in today’s environment.

The speed at which a single individual can report an emergency situation and escalate critical information to all levels of the government, media and citizens is analyzed in the Wireless Homeland Security study.

Organizations such as the VA Hospital, Dayton City Police, City of Carlsbad Police Department use Westlake’s technology to enhance their wireless communication platform today.

If your organization is looking for a significantly more reliable way of dispatching wireless messages across multiple wireless networks and devices, Westlake offers RespondNow.Net™. Developed by one of the worldwide leading experts on wireless messaging technology, RespondNow.Net is a fully customizable enterprise dispatch solution capable of running across your LAN, MAN or WAN, and supports both Windows and Unix environments. Hosting services are also available on Westlake’s secure server for a nominal fee. See: RespondNow.Net

Beyond dispatching, the latest wireless technology can assist agencies on any level by offering database look-up functions from your back-office, the electronic submission of incident reports, investigative reports, equipment usage, time cards or any other paper-driven function within a department. In addition, GPS technology can be incorporated to improve resource and asset tracking and management.

Westlake is an experienced integrator and solutions provider. We’ve worked with some of the most prominent US government agencies and are able to assist your organization with the following:

  • Dispatching technology
  • Data collection of paper intensive reporting functions
  • GPS technology to track both people and assets using traditional satellite technology and triangulation technology
  • Wireless database access and look up of information (people, inventory, etc.)
  • Fully secure and encrypted wireless communication
  • AirMobility.Net to track the status of a widely distributed field force (on, on-call, off-call, available, unavailable, etc.)

Westlake can support wireless field forms on both the BlackBerry and Motorola Java enabled phones. Please contact Westlake at for more information.

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