Is the GPS vendor you are looking at trying to sell you what they have or trying to sell you what you need?

Unlike virtually every other vendor who offers enhanced GPS services, Westlake has taken a consultative approach to wireless GPS technology. This helps our customers identify the GPS technology they really need to make their businesses more effective.

There are many ways to implement wireless GPS technology and Westlake is a noted expert at all of them. There have even been several cases in where a customer was convinced they needed GPS technology from another vendor where it turned out that bar coding locations and asking employees to scan them was a better option. Westlake can help.

Westlake takes pride in helping our customer’s navigate to the best solution possible for their business. To help ensure we provide you with the most optimal workflow scenario possible, we need to be sure you end up with the right technology. The following table is a general breakdown on several different aspects of GPS technology in wireless.

GPS Type


Additional Requirements

Additional/Hidden Costs

GPS Model 1

As an alternative to utilizing GPS to track employees, customers can use a bar code scanner attachment to track their employees from point-to-point by having them submit a simple record on their wireless device, which the wireless network will mark with a date and time stamp.

Additional note – this solution is especially ideal for indoor tracking (malls, event centers, stores) as many phones experience difficulty retrieving a GPS fix indoors.

Bar code adaptor for the Motorola handset (i58sr or i88) about $200 each or the bar code adaptor for the BlackBerry wireless device about $150 each.


GPS Model 2

Westlake field forms created with AirMobility.Net captures GPS coordinates at the time of submission.

A wireless device that supports J2ME and a GPS chip

Optional - basic GPS software ($240.00/copy).

Minimal to none.

GPS Model 3

Similar to how 911 services utilize triangulation to locate cell phone callers during an emergency. This technology is now available to the development community. Benefits include not needing the device to have a formal GPS fix; rather, if your device is in coverage, the cell towers based on signal strength from your phone can provide a general location of where you are (typically within 75 to 150 feet). Limitations: most carriers limit GPS updates to no more than every five to ten minutes.

Optional - Basic GPS software ($240/copy).


GPS Model 4

To ensure an employee is at a particular location at a particular time (regular retail visits, hospital visits, etc.), GPS can be used without maps. The fixed location is compared to the location in which the data was submitted and the customer selects the distance that is acceptable as within range. Email is sent to management if any rep on any visit is out of range.

Often requires minimal custom development services


GPS Model 5

Software on the handheld device gathers GPS information in almost real time (every 5 seconds, every 10 seconds, etc.). In this model, calculations for direction, speed, mileage, idle time, etc. can be accounted for. On a regular interval, the program will submit all GPS locations with their corresponding date and time stamp. This can also be accommodating in the triangulation method with less accurate results.

Often requires minimal custom development services depending on specific needs

The interval in which data is collected will directly affect data plans on some devices and services.

GPS Model 6

Some services offer online mapping of GPS data collected versus in a Windows based software application.

Services range from $25.00 to $60.00 over and above data services

1. When used with GPS collection such as the GPS Model 4, no additional data fees should be expected from the carrier.

2. If used with GPS Model 5, additional fees may apply.

Westlake Software, Inc. will help you ensure you end up with the products and services you need to make your business the most effective. Do not end up like thousands of other organizations who have implemented a misdirected GPS solution and only to find out later the same functions and quality of service could have been provided for at significantly less cost.

In addition to GPS technology, Westlake is a noted expert in:

  • Wireless supply chain management
  • Wireless field force automation
  • Wireless sales force automation
  • Wireless business forms
  • Wireless time cards
  • Wireless inspection forms
  • Wireless work orders
  • Wireless credit card processing
  • Nextel forms
  • BlackBerry integration
  • Motorola integration
  • BlackBerry field forms
  • Motorola field forms
  • Wireless Integration
  • Wireless software development
  • Mobile J2ME GPS development and software
  • Wireless customer relationship management
  • BlackBerry GPS
  • BlackBerry Blue tooth
  • BlackBerry bar coding
  • Paging software
  • Dispatch software
  • Scheduling and dispatch software
  • BlackBerry software for the 7520
  • BlackBerry applications

Contact Westlake today at for more information about how we can help you implement the best GPS solution for your business.

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