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Wireless technology has become a key differentiating factor in hospitality and hotel management. The ability to serve the needs of guests faster increases customer satisfaction and promotes repeat business.

Wireless data messaging and technology can be used in virtually every aspect of a hotel operation. The following are examples of how Westlake has utilized this technology to take their customers beyond the limits of voice and two-way radio technology:

  • Wireless security incident reports
  • GPS to ensure wireless security personnel are in their assigned location
  • Hotel maintenance for dispatching of jobs, acceptance of jobs, and acknowledgement of job completion
  • House keeping receiving wireless messages or guest room requests, acknowledgement of messages received and request completion.
  • Real-time status report to monitor the speed that room are cleaned, what rooms have been cleaned, and which rooms have not
  • Immediate status and location of all personnel in the case of an emergency
  • For repeat customers, full credit card swiping and check-in curbside, bypassing the need for front desk check-in
  • Slot machine monitoring for maintenance issues, faster payout, tracking customer’s favorite drink by slot play card. (Message sent to the bar when card is inserted at slot)

Westlake’s management has worked with a variety of hospitality and hotel services. We integrated the first wireless slot monitoring solution in Las Vegas the early 1990’s and the first wide scale use of such technology for the Mandalay Resort and Casino on their opening day.

Taking Some Old Technology and Making it New

The cost today of numeric and alphanumeric paging technology has become a low cost commodity. So low, once can often find service for these devices for as low as $1-$2 a month. As the interest in casinos has been on the rise with the larger retirement community, there is a model today that supports providing a pager to all regular slot players that live within your marketing pull area. Consider the value of being able to send a wireless message to 5000 to 10000 local residence notifying them that if they come in within the next hour, dinner would be free. This could turn in what is shaping up to be a slow night into a significant moneymaker.

Westlake can assist your organization with a variety of products and services which include (but are not limited to):

  • BlackBerry applications
  • BlackBerry software for the 7520
  • BlackBerry blue tooth
  • BlackBerry GPS
  • BlackBerry bar coding
  • Motorola GPS
  • Motorola software
  • Motorola development
  • Motorola J2ME development
  • Mobile J2ME GPS development and software
  • Wireless field force automation
  • Wireless sale force automation
  • Wireless customer relationship management
  • Wireless supply chain management
  • Paging software
  • Dispatch software
  • Work order dispatch software
  • Hotel dispatch software
  • Casino dispatch software
  • Slot machine monitoring
  • Wireless casino marketing

For more information about how Westlake can assist your organization in finding creative ways to use wireless technology, contact Westlake at:

Westlake offers complete and confidential consulting services surrounding your specific needs. Please contact us if you have any needs that are beyond what is listed here.

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