Westlake’s AirMobility.Net Wireless Middleware has special design considerations for the Insurance industry that can fundamentally change the way in which insurance is presented and sold today. Customized gateways can easily be built to allow the field to wirelessly obtain critical information such as pre-approved insurance ratings. This improved information flow can also assist management in lead tracking and analysis, forecasting, estimating and the possibility of offering pre-payment via wireless credit card processing.

How fast can your agents turn around a quote today?

For insurance claims, the field adjuster function can be fully automated into your back-office systems. A custom wireless field form can be generated to enable the adjuster to complete a comprehensive assessment of damage of any kind (car, home, boat, etc.). As an alternative to writing everything down on paper, taking it back to the office and then placing the information into a computer for processing, the data from the field can be instantaneously routed directly into your back-office system; thereby eliminating the need for double data entry.

For administration, if keeping track of field reps and adjusters are important to your organization, and the need to submit paperwork is of a timely nature, Westlake can help. Westlake offers real-time GPS tracking of your field force, and the ability to monitor and trigger alarms if certain paper work is not submitted in a timely fashion, etc.

Please Consider:

  • Wireless insurance quoting and approval
  • Wireless time cards, sales and lead tracking, inspection sheet/claims form automation
  • Dispatching of information to wireless devices
  • Credit card reading and wireless payment options in the field

Westlake also has experience with technology around the following that may be relevant to your needs:

  • Wireless claims adjusting
  • Wireless insurance quotes
  • Wireless insurance quoting
  • Wireless adjuster
  • Wireless claims processing
  • Wireless quote approval
  • Wireless in insurance
  • Wireless insurance applications
  • BlackBerry forms
  • BlackBerry applications
  • BlackBerry software for the 7520
  • Mobile J2ME GPS development
  • Paging software
  • Dispatch software
  • Motorola forms
  • Cell phone forms
  • Wireless sales force automation
  • Wireless field force automation
  • Wireless integration services

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The following case study illustrates how Nextel uses Westlake’s technology to collect information from their retail locations. Every rep is required to complete a series of questions about the retail location and submit into corporate for processing. This model can work similar for the claims adjuster including bar coding support, GPS and other wireless processes.

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