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Nextel Corporation uses AirMobility.Net Wireless Middleware for a complete end-to-end supply chain management/wireless customer relationship management solution.

For your sales organization, how much more productive could your management team be if your distributed sales force could:

  • Submit customer visit records directly into a spreadsheet on your desktop
  • Trigger alerts and thresholds around these visits to instantaneously escalate any open issues for management in real-time
  • Query previous visit data to help ensure continuity with the customer thereby increasing customer satisfaction
  • Real-time submission of expense reporting and time cards
  • Wireless order forms to increase the speed of both fulfillment and billing for an existing or new customer
  • Wireless credit card processing

For your marketing needs, how much more productive could your organization be if your distributed sales force, marketing force and customer base could:

  • Respond to marketing questions and surveys from the field in real-time
  • That the data collected would be formatted and instantaneously ready for exporting to MS Excel
  • That any new survey or marketing material could be distributed to any number of data ready phones (20, 500, 5000) in real-time.

Westlake’s management team has extensive experience supporting their customer’s sales and marketing teams. Over the years they have trained more then 25,000 wireless sales personnel from 2,500 organizations. These sales representatives have a tool that differentiates them from their competition, AirMobility.Net.

In fact, Westlake was the first organization to assist a wireless carrier in creating their own customized wireless supply chain management and wireless customer service management system (See: Nextel; Wireless Carrier Goes Wireless).

Airmobility.Net utilizes the most flexible platform ever designed for marketing and sales organization around the world. Unlike other sale force or field force automation solutions that either require your organization to comply with their software and standards or charge large fees for customization, Westlake can take your existing sales tracking form/lead sheet/etc. and place this on a wireless hand-held device within minutes. In fact, that power is yours. By using the AirMobility.Net Wireless Middleware, anyone can create highly customized wireless field forms in just minutes. These form include support for bar code reading and GPS capture as desired.

Using Airmobility.Net your management team can create an application that automatically populates to any number of handsets, providing the ability to track, collect, analyze and assess field force information in real-time. For example, Nextel Corporate uses AirMobilty.Net Wireless Middleware to (see full case study link below):

  • Collect inventory levels from their retail account executives (RAE)
  • Monitor visit interval to ensure reps are productive
  • Monitor the distance between the GPS location of the RAE and the GPS location of the store to ensure RAE are at their assigned locations
  • Quickly disseminate updated market information to the entire retail force (for example, within 30 days, Nextel can collect competitive pricing of every other cellular vendor and have this in a spread sheet for analysis)
  • Trigger inventory thresholds alerts
  • Automatically populate new stores in route to the RAE
  • Analyze and assess RAE compliance and trend analysis on over 50 items in real-time.

What value can your organization find in sending out a complex survey to a field force of 500 within a split second and have detailed responses from this survey within minutes, in a spreadsheet ready for analysis? What is the value of knowing details about every new customer or existing customer visit, creating triggers and thresholds around this data that would escalate to management as needed, tracking the whereabouts of a highly distributed and autonomous sales force?

This is all possible without custom development or programming - The answer is Westlake’s AirMobility.Net.

Westlake’s technology can help your organization:

  • Create and sustain competitive advantages
  • Reinforce customer value
  • Improve satisfaction with existing customers
  • Accelerate market driven strategies

In addition, the data we collect for you can be tied into any existing field force/sales force software/solution currently being used on the market.

Contact Westlake For:

  • Wireless field force automation
  • Wireless messaging and wireless dispatch
  • Wireless sale force automation
  • BlackBerry data collection
  • Motorola data collection
  • Wireless field forms
  • Wireless marketing surveys
  • Wireless Sales
  • Wireless time cards
  • Wireless expense sheets
  • Wireless visit tracking
  • Real-time marketing analysis
  • BlackBerry software
  • BlackBerry 7520 software
  • Dispatching software
  • Paging software
  • Mobile J2ME GPS development
  • And More…

If you are looking to create the most optimal workflow scenario possible with your distributed sales force, contact Westlake at: for a free and confidential assessment.

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