Westlake fully supports the entire Motorola hand held cellular line using the Sun Microsystems J2ME operating system. Note: not all Motorola phones support J2ME. So, if you plan to move forward with a Motorola phone, it is our recommendation that you ask the agent selling the Motorola phone line to ensure you are receiving a Motorola Java enabled phone. The J2ME environment allows for optimal data collection and submission by storing forms locally on the Motorola device. This means that the user has the flexibility to submit forms after completion or store multiple jobs for submission at a later time.

Westlake has expert knowledge with:

  • Motorola software
  • Motorola integration
  • Motorola development
  • Motorola forms
  • Motorola field force automation
  • Motorola sales force automation
  • Software for your Motorola JAVA phone
  • Motorola data services.
  • Mobile J2ME GPS development
  • Wireless Motorola bar coding

If you are seeking an organization to consult, architect, develop, implement and support your Motorola software development or integration, contact Westlake at

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