Professional Services
Westlake offers special focus on professional services organizations such as IT departments, consultants and accountants, electricians, etc.

Wireless time management and expense tracking

For any professional service that is performed outside of the local office and conducted at a customer’s site, tracking materials used, work type performed and information associated with time (hours, mileage, etc.) can now be entered, submitted and automatically processed into payroll/billing in real time from a Motorola phone or BlackBerry handset.

Unique to most wireless development firms and integrators, Westlake’s approach to managing any type of field form (time cards, expense sheets, work orders, inspection forms, etc.) is configured to your specifications on the fly (in real time). We are not offering your organization generic forms to conduct your business differently, AirMobility.Net offers your organization to continue to use your same forms the same way; however your forms are now electronic.

If you have a form in which you would like to consider for use on a Motorola or BlackBerry device, we can help. Westlake’s management team has assisted thousands of organization with their wireless needs spanning into virtually every vertical market segment domestically as well as International. Our forms building technology also supports GPS, bar coding and more. See: AirMobility.Net

Work order dispatch and tracking

No other management team worldwide has more experience with wireless dispatching technology than Westlake Software, Inc. Having started and ultimately growing the largest wireless dispatching technology firm world-wide prior to being acquired by a wireless carrier in 1998, you can be sure the technology in which Westlake will provide for your dispatching needs will be best in class. Westlake’s dispatch technology has been used to manage the California power crises since 2001 (and is contracted to be continued to be used through 2007) and is currently used within the West Wing of the White House in Washington D.C. to provide the United States with enhanced homeland security.

Westlake can assist your organization with a variety of products and services including expert knowledge around:

  • Wireless bar coding
  • Wireless GPS
  • Wireless dispatching
  • Wireless job assignment
  • Wireless timecards
  • Wireless expense sheets
  • Wireless inspection forms
  • Wireless delivery forms
  • BlackBerry forms
  • Motorola forms
  • Nextel forms
  • Wireless field force automation
  • Wireless sales force automation
  • Wireless supply chain management
  • Wireless customer relationship management
  • BlackBerry software (BlackBerry software for the 7520)
  • BlackBerry applications
  • Mobile J3ME GPS development and software
  • Paging software
  • Dispatch software
  • Work order dispatch software

Please contact Westlake Software, Inc. at for more information about our entire line of products and services.

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