Real Estate

First American Real Estate uses Westlake’s technology for enterprise wide dispatching

Beyond just access to MLS for realtors, agents and brokers, being able to manage the speed in which communication happens between buyers and sellers, inspectors, contractors, mortgage brokers and others involved in the transaction process has never been more critical.

The reliance on wireless technology to enhance communication within this vertical is nothing new. The Real Estate business has always relied on the latest wireless technology starting with numeric paging and then on to alphanumeric paging, voice and two-way text messaging and now onto smart phones with immediate and real time access to their local MLS databases and the routing of pictures in real time to any variety of individuals throughout the supply chain of real estate.

Taking Your Services to the Next Level

The base wireless technology currently available has had a large impact in the ability for the real estate market to accommodate and support most communication issues found today. Westlake looks beyond this basic communication to take full advantage of additional services that can significantly improve the larger sales process. Consider the improvement of your services if you could use wireless technology to:

  • Wirelessly initiate and generate real-time loan approval with a variety of mortgage brokers
  • Monitor and track the entire loan process with each account from your wireless hand held device
  • Assist buyers with neighborhood comps from the local assessors office

In addition, Westlake Software, Inc. is a noted expert in the following technology:

  • Commercial and Proprietary database access
  • Wireless field force automation
  • Wireless sales force automation
  • GPS technology and GPS triangulation
  • Wireless bar code technology
  • Wireless integration
  • Wireless field forms
  • Wireless forms for the BlackBerry
  • Wireless forms for the Motorola phone
  • J2ME
  • WAP
  • Wireless supply chain management
  • Wireless customer relationship management
  • BlackBerry software for the 7520
  • Mobile J2ME GPS development
  • Work order dispatch software
  • Paging software

If you are in the market and are exploring options to take your wireless communication to the next level and to accelerate the sales process with your customers, contact Westlake to day at

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