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Wireless dispatching is a critical communication need for organizations such as local, city, county, regional and national governmental agencies. As described in the feature article Westlake wrote for Mission Critical Magazine, 440 first responder organizations participated in helping architect and implement Westlake’s enterprise dispatching technology Organizations such as The City of Carlsbad, Healthnet Corporate, First American Real Estate, VA Hospital, Dayton Police and within the West Wing of the White House in Washington D.C. currently utilize RespondNow.Net to enhance their communication platform.

RepondNow.Net™ is an advanced wireless communication emergency broadcasting system for two-way pagers, PDA’s, and two-way text messaging digital and cellular phones. The system is designed specifically for organizations that need to wirelessly notify groups of individuals with important information. RepondNow.Net™ also supports an acknowledgement function to track responses in real-time.

RepondNow.Net saved California over $1 billion in the prevention of rolling blackouts used for power aggregation.

Unlike simple messaging solutions that just send emergency messages, RespondNow.Net enables the senders of the message to quickly and easily populate a list of who acknowledged the message and with what status. Also, it gives the sender an immediate list of who did not acknowledge an emergency message. The sender is then provided with a variety of alternative methodologies on how to contact those who did not respond.

RespondNow.Net was the highlight of the feature article in Mission Critical Magazine for Wireless Homeland Security.

Interoperability and Compatibility was designed with Interoperability in mind. You can use any number of two-way pagers, PDA’s with two-way capability, digital cellular or PCS phones with two-way capability or compatible e-mail systems and services. These services have been tested on most US nationwide wireless networks as well as most email services in North America.

Any number of devices supported on any number of wireless networks.

In addition, the program is available for turn-key service to meet your specific set of specifications. If you have a feature or function that is critical to your business and you do not see it within the online version of product, please contact:

RespondNow.Net is available for trial at no cost or obligation.

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Westlake’s management was the developer of the following products prior to being acquired in 1998. If you are still using any of these products, we have replacement products available:

  • Developer of AT&T Message Flash
  • Developer of Pagenet Paging Software
  • Developer of Pagenet pro paging software
  • Developer of Airsource lite
  • Developer of Airsource pro
  • Developer Air Message for AirTouch
  • Developer of Airsourceweb
  • Developer of Airsource Web
  • Developer of Comcast paging software
  • Developer of Excel paging software
  • Developer of Silverlake messaging software
  • Developer of Silverlake Communications messaging software
  • Developer of Silverlake2000 messaging software
  • Developer of Sprint PCS messaging software
  • Developer of Southwestern Bell messaging software
  • Developer of Cantel AT&T messaging software

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