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"Westlake's wireless solution is a terrific program."
Michael Farr
CNN Financial News

"Westlake fundamentally understood our wireless business challenges and solved them quickly."
Hassan Alamdari
VP Operations
Valley Couriers, Inc.

"Westlake has significantly reduced the cost associated with servicing our clients, which created new cash flow to grow our business."
Kenneth Cleveland
Founder, President & CEO
Kenneth Cleveland Financial

"Westlake's technology creates real juice in wireless."
Susan Kuchinskas
M-Business Daily

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On average, Westlake helps its customers earn a 10X return on their wireless investments.

Wireless return on investment has been a promise of the wireless industry since the introduction of numeric pagers, 30+ years ago. Each incremental improvement of wireless devices, services and software challenged organizations with complicated decisions as to when to upgrade and how to measure the benefits.

It used to be more easily defined.

A single new advancement, such as replacing a cell phone without GPS tracking to one with GPS tracking, often proved quickly to be a sure payoff for the organization.

It is not as simple today.

Along with multiple operating systems, advancement in devices and software that can do so many things, companies are finding it difficult to navigate the return on investment model. A lost handset today can cost upwards of $700 to replace; wireless services for numeric paging were less than $10 several years ago and today, services exceeding $100 a month are not uncommon.

As a business owner, IT executive or CFO of a larger organization, making the wrong decision when deploying 500 handsets or 5,000 handsets can be extremely costly.

Westlake helps its clients find simple, quantifiable answers to challenging questions. Our management team has helped save many organizations billions of dollars with this consultative approach. We also help our clients position themselves to earn more money over time.

Westlake removes the complication.

Westlake will help you identify the right device for your field force to use. We will help you assess services in virtually every market worldwide. We will help you implement a complete end-to-end wireless solution that will support optimal work flow.

Mobile resource management is about assessing the needs of each customer and finding multiple ways to continue to drive the maximum return on investment. It's not about implementing a pre-defined cookie cutter solution. When you work with us, we help you re-assess your needs on a continual basis in order to get the most out of your devices and services. The best solution will combine both hard cost and soft cost savings and combine both qualitative and quantitative benefits.
Using wireless technology, have you thought about:

  • Increasing productivity?
  • Decreasing costs associated with paperwork and manual data entry?
  • Decreasing costs associated with paperwork errors (customers, payroll, etc.)?
  • Decreasing fuel costs?
  • Decreasing spending?
  • Improving safety on the road?
  • Decreasing risk and insurance costs?
  • Improving customer service?
  • Adding preventative and predictive maintenance?
  • Automating mileage?
  • Expanding your business?

Since 1994, our customers have received, on average, a ten-fold return on their wireless investment. With our management experience of more than 17 years in developing and implementing wireless solutions, including providing software to more than 500,000 users worldwide, we have managed more than 2,000 wireless consulting projects and the longest and most successful wireless return on investment training program in history.

Please read our case studies, watch our video, read our testimonials, contact us or complete our needs assessment form.

  • Wireless return on investment
  • Discounted GPS tracking
  • Affordable telematics
  • Decrease wireless costs
  • Affordable integration
  • Low-cost mobile application development
  • Affordable Blackberry development
  • Affordable Android development

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In most cases, wireless business implementations can become complicated quickly.

We have set up a step-by-step form to help you organize the best way in which you might want to approach your needs. Since 1994, our management team has helped well over 1,000 organizations find ways to use wireless devices and services to improve productivity, decrease costs and improve sales, when applicable. Click on Needs Assessment below to get started

Comprehensive Telematics

GPS tracking, Geo-fencing, reverse geo address look-up, speed, start and stop times, multiple route overlays, and much more. Westlake's GPS technology is used by its customers for safety, route improvement, proof-of-performance, automated geo-fence time card and mileage tracking, and reimbursement needs. Click on the link below to learn more.