Westlake helped save the State of California over $1 Billion in the prevention of virtually every pending rolling blackout since 2001.

Utilities have special wireless needs that are unlike other organizations. There are OSHA communication compliance issues surrounding disasters and disaster recovery, maintenance, installation, power aggregation and security issues, just to name few. For emergency dispatching to large groups of people (tracking status by two-way wireless communication), tracking people and assets using the latest in GPS technology, field data collection of incident reports, regular maintenance and security reporting, Westlake can help.

As covered by CNN Financial News, Computer World, Mobile Computing and headlining the Ventura County Register, Westlake was instrumental in architecting, developing and implementing one of the most successful power aggregation solutions in our nation’s history. Launched in 2001 and scheduled for use through the year 2007, the program has effectively helped the state of California prevent as many a 38 rolling black outs since it inception and created over $1 billion in savings (see case study link below).

Westlake also implemented the first of its kind, real-time price tracking solution for Shell Oil Production US. This enables Shell to track competitive pricing of other stations and make adjustments to pricing as needed, in virtually real-time.

With emergency services and first responders in mind, Westlake recently published a complete Wireless Homeland Security study, which was published as a feature article in Mission Critical Magazine.

The two-way wireless communication solution designed to aggregate responses from large groups of distributed personnel in the event of an emergency can significantly decreased OSHA fines driven by poor response times.

440 first responder organizations participated in Westlake’s Wireless Homeland Security Study published as a feature article in Mission Critical Magazine

In addition to full wireless integration services, Westlake can assist you with:

  • End-to-end wireless supply chain management
  • Tracking the location of maintenance and security personnel including time cards, incident reports, maintenance requests (using both GPS and bar code technologies)
  • Emergency dispatching services (will full status and acknowledgement)
  • Power aggregation solutions

Nextel Corporation currently uses Westlake’s technology to manage their supply chain management/customer relationship management system throughout their national retail efforts. See entire case Study: Wireless Carrier Goes Wireless.

In addition, Westlake is a noted expert in:

  • BlackBerry software
  • BlackBerry software development for the 7520
  • Motorola software
  • Wireless GPS
  • Wireless J2ME GPS systems
  • Motorola Integration
  • Wireless database access
  • Wireless dispatching
  • Wireless paging software
  • Wireless messaging software
  • Work order dispatch software
  • Wireless power aggregation
  • Wireless power company
  • Wireless water works
  • Wireless in utilities
  • Wireless data collection
  • Wireless data tracking
  • Wireless bar coding
  • Wireless emergency management software
  • Computer aided dispatch software (CAD)

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See Case Study:  Keeping the Lights on in California (power aggregation)     Competitive Price Tracking (real-time monitoring)     Wireless Homeland Security (Emergency dispatch and response)     Wireless Carrier Goes Wireless (Supply Chain Management)

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