Westlake Software, Inc. is an International leader in bar code and RFID systems and deployments for the mobile workforce. Our organization processes more than one million scans a year for our clients.

We assist our customers in finding the most effective, least expensive solutions to help generate the highest possible return on investment.

Our most popular deployment uses the Baracoda Road Runner bar code and RFID scanners.
Note: Our solutions are designed for high-volume scanning. We have support for photo bar coding on devices such as the Android operating system. That solution is not recommended for high-volume applications.

These units are compatible with most commercial handsets and functions in a bluetooth environment. Combined with a time card, inspection form or work order system, bar coding ensures that the data being collected is 100% accurate. For example, Clear Channel Outdoor scans capital expenditure codes when managing labor associated with capital spending.

Clear Channel also uses these scanners to track the ad copy changes taking place on more than 100,000 billboards and bus shelters every month.

Go to case studies to read more about how Clear Channel is using mobile bar code technology.

If you have a need for a mobile bar coding or RFID solution contact us today or complete our needs assessment form for fast service.
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