Wireless Bar Coding
The combination of wireless technology and bar coding is not a new concept. For many years wireless and bar coding were used together to track inventory items by scanning objects and then connecting a mobile device to a wired network for a data dump into a server or database. However, customers and vendors such as Westlake have innovated beyond tracking parts with mobile devices and have shifted towards wireless technology an real-time data collection; and doing so with both the tracking of physical and human assets.

The latest technology for the BlackBerry and Motorola phone devices support wireless bar coding. BlackBerry bar coding is conducted with a peripheral device that supports a local wireless Bluetooth environment. What this means is that the user can scan with a scanner and then send the bar code scanned data to the BlackBerry they are also carrying. For several models of the Motorola phone such as the i58sr, a bar code attachment is currently available from Symbol technology (shown here).

For example, CM Concrete in the Southwest converted the names of all employees to bar codes and uses this, along with a Motorola i58sr, to scan time card information to be sent into a central server. There, the Westlake AirMobility.Net Wireless Middleware server converts the collected time card information into a format that fits the exact specifications of their internal payroll software. They now have a fully automated time card collection solution from bar coding in the field to payroll in virtual real-time. This saves CM Concrete time and money; which has increased productivity and decreased costs. In addition, is has enabled CM Concrete to bill their customers faster; which directly improves cash flow.

Barcode reading can also be the ideal solution when GPS technology is limited due to building location, structure makeup, devices, etc.

Westlake supports bar code scanning for both Motorola and BlackBerry phones. Our capabilities include but are not limited to the following when integrating bar coding technology into a larger solution:

  • BlackBerry bar coding
  • Motorola bar coding
  • Wireless field force automation
  • Wireless messaging and wireless dispatch
  • Wireless sale force automation
  • BlackBerry data collection
  • Motorola data collection
  • Wireless field forms
  • Wireless marketing surveys
  • Wireless Sales
  • Wireless time cards
  • Wireless expense sheets
  • Wireless visit tracking
  • Real-time marketing analysis
  • BlackBerry software
  • BlackBerry 7520 software
  • Dispatching software
  • Paging software
  • Mobile J2ME GPS development
  • Dispatch software
  • BlackBerry software
  • Trucking dispatch software
  • Service dispatch software
  • Dispatch trucking software
  • BlackBerry applications
  • Wireless pos software
  • Wireless retail software
  • Truck dispatch software
  • Work order dispatch software
  • Electrical dispatch software
  • Dispatch hvac software
  • Economic dispatch software
  • Plumbing dispatch software
  • Scheduling and dispatch software
  • Dispatch and inventory software
  • Bus dispatch software
  • Paging software
  • BlackBerry 7100t software
  • Software applications for the blackberry
  • BlackBerry 7520 software

If you would like to learn more about this technology and how Westlake can create a solution for you, contact info@westlakesoftware.com for a free consultation.

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