Wireless Field Force Automation
Westlake’s focus on wireless field force automation starts with the AirMobility.Net Wireless Middleware system. By combining field forms, wireless data collection, GPS, bar coding, exporting, triggers and thresholds, analysis database access and wireless dispatching, Westlake can architect virtually any wireless field force automation solution.

The concept of wireless field force automation is not new. Since the advent of numeric paging to distribute the notification of new voice mail or an incident number coming from an IT server management system, wireless technology is now a natural fit for the automation of a field force.

With today’s technology, smart phones and software development capabilities over wireless networks has created an entire new generation of products and services to increase productivity, decrease costs and increase sales when applicable.

The largest differentiator in working with Westlake versus another vendor is that it is our belief that for an organization to find the most optimal workflow scenario possible with your existing and/or future wireless assets, a cookie-cutter approach to implementation will ultimately fail. Either an organization is paying for a large number of features they will never use and/or the initial solution was based on a less optimal platform using a less optimal network. This tends to happen with a wireless vendor is not an expert at all the technology at hand and a sales rep is forces to sell you the solution they have versus a solution you need.

For example, if a vendor drives you to the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) for hand-held device development, the user will need to be in coverage for the program to function. If you example you are doing straight wireless data collection such as a time card, expense sheet, work order, inspection form, etc., the Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) will enable the user to collect wireless data regardless of they are in coverage or not.

In the case of Valley Couriers, the data in which needed to be collected was very simple in its implementation. In addition, they were in a position to always been in strong coverage areas. Westlake implemented a WAP solution for Valley Couriers which has operated virtually maintenance free for four years. See the entire case study at: Banking on Wireless

In the case of Nextel National Retail, the data in which needed to be collected was very extensive. In addition, they were in a position of visiting many stores in more rural markets in which coverage at some locations was expected to be a issue. Westlake implemented an entire wireless supply chain management/customer relationship management system for Nextel National Retail Division on the J2ME platform. See the entire case study: Wireless Carrier Goes Wireless

In our opinion, without taking a more consultative approach to wireless solution implementation, most wireless customers end up with solutions at significantly higher costs and buyers remorse due to being sold technology they did not need.

For the State of California, the California power crisis is not over. In 2001, Westlake was asked to architect a system that would manage and notify 250 of the larger power users in the state to power down when a blackout seamed eminent to the state. In this case, the need was for notification support over multiple wireless protocols over multiple wireless networks. This program has successfully stopped over 30 rolling blackouts to the state since its inception and is expected to be in continuous use through 2007. See the entire case study at: Keeping the Lights on in California

There is a difference between what a vendor can sell you, what you believe you want for your organization and what your organization ultimately needs. Westlake works with you to ultimately find our what products and services you need so you can find the most optimal workflow scenario possible for you current and future wireless assets.

Westlake can offer assistance with:

  • Motorola software development
  • Motorola integration
  • BlackBerry software (BlackBerry software for the 7520)
  • BlackBerry integration
  • Wireless database access
  • Wireless sales force automation
  • Wireless supply chain management
  • Wireless customer relationship management
  • Wireless dispatching software
  • Wireless enterprise software
  • Work order dispatching software
  • Wireless work order forms
  • Wireless time card forms
  • Wireless J2ME GPS software
  • Wireless bar coding
  • Wireless GPS technology
  • Wireless integration
  • Wireless consulting
  • Trucking dispatch software
  • Service dispatch software
  • Dispatch HVAC software
  • Plumbing dispatch software
  • Scheduling and dispatch software

Please contact Westlake today for a free wireless needs assessment at info@westlakesoftware.com.

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