Wireless Sales Force Automation
In our opinion, the main two objectives in implementing a wireless sales force automation solution for a highly distributed sales force is to:

1. Offer the tools necessary to close more sales with the opportunities that existing today with your sales force
2. Create more time so the sales individual can increase the number of opportunities possible in the same amount of time

Westlake talks a pure consultative approach with its customers seeking to increase the effectiveness of their sales force. Our typical customer describes a very specific problem in which they are having with their field personnel; Westlake works with the customer to help determine a course of action that will produce the most optimal workflow scenario possible within a given budget restraint.

An organization could purchase a $20,000 to $1,000,000 sales force automation solution, field force automation solution or a customer relationship management solution to accommodate several specific challenges in which they wish to solve. The problem is that the vast majority of functionality you paid for in that solution you will never use. Never the less, maintenance and recurring costs reflect the entire system you organization purchased versus just the functions in which are used.

Westlake is different. As our organization works with you, we will architect a comprehensive end-to-end solution that is designed specifically around your unique needs that can often be integrated directly into your existing management software.

For example, Westlake worked with Nextel Corporate (Fortune 200) to create an entire supply chain management/sales force automation solution for their national retail division. This solution incorporated field data collection, GPS, automated sales force compliance tools, integration with the legacy sales information system at Nextel corporate, escalation and a series of unique reports, triggers and thresholds for total field force management. See the entire case study: Wireless Carrier Goes Wireless.

For Nextel or any other customer of Westlake’s to meet the two objectives above, a solution must:

  • Be easy to use to create the least amount of resistance possible from an existing sales force.
  • Clearly create an immediate return on investment for the customer by deceasing operation costs, increasing productivity and helping to add to additional sales.

Westlake accomplishes this by:

  • Creating easy to use field forms on hand held Motorola or BlackBerry devices such as time cards, expense sheets, order forms, customer visit tracking for management, etc.
  • Establishing access to back office systems to view contact information, inventory levels, order status, etc.
  • Lead distribution and assignment with advanced dispatching technology.

Westlake is a leading expert in wireless technology. We can also assist your organization with:

  • Wireless field force automation
  • Wireless customer relationship management
  • BlackBerry software (software for the BlackBerry 7520)
  • BlackBerry integration
  • Motorola software
  • Motorola integration
  • Wireless dispatching software
  • Wireless time cards
  • Wireless customer visit tracking forms
  • Wireless database access
  • Wireless expense reporting
  • Paging software
  • Wireless messaging for the enterprise

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